How to Cancel an Order

We understand that you may need to cancel your order under certain circumstances. In accordance with UK law, you are entitled to cancel a contract within 30 days of delivery. To proceed with cancellation, please securely pack and return the item, unopened and undamaged, with ‘Cancel Contract’ written on the back of your invoice. Please drop us a line before posting to let us know you’ll be returning the goods and make sure the return is made within the 30-day period.
In special circumstances, we may also accept returns past the 30-day period, provided a 25% restocking fee is met. Again, please do get in touch with us before returning your item and we’ll discuss next steps with you directly.
For ease of operations and the assurance of all parties involved, we suggest you use a recorded-delivery service when returning items for refunds or replacements. This ensures that you and we are covered in the event of the item going astray while in transit. In the unlikely event that we’ve made a mistake when sending your order out and the part delivered is not what you asked for, we will bear the cost of returns. In either situation, please notify us at least 24 hours in advance via email before you return the part.
Please note that for returns for which we aren’t responsible, we are not able to reimburse you for the costs of postage and packing. A refund of the price you paid for the item (subject to any of the restrictions outlined above) will only be issued once the returned item is received by us.

In Case of Faulty Items

If you believe you’ve received a faulty battery, rest assured that we aim to process returns and replacements as quickly as possible for your convenience. However, it should be stated that faulty batteries are an exceptionally rare occurrence. In our experience, as many as 50% of batteries returned to us have had no faults – they simply needed to be recharged and nothing more. We’d therefore ask that you carry out a thorough check on the health of the battery before seeking a return or refund. Often, problems that appear to be with the battery are in fact faults with the alternator or boot/ glove box light staying on and draining the battery, rather than the battery itself.
If we confirm that a battery is faulty, we’ll bear the cost of shipping a replacement to you. You’ll be pleased to know that, unlike some of our competitors, we won’t bill you for testing a battery.
However, if we receive a battery and no fault is found, you must bear the cost of return carriage. If we find your battery to be in proper condition, and you do not request and pay for its return within three months, we will discard it at our discretion.

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